Our methodology

The bluSpider, LLC methodology is built-in to all our services. Our goal is to make those services modular and to do that requires a structure.

The methodology we used is based on our years of consulting experience, but simplified in a way that makes it easy for our clients to understand and follow.

ADIM  – Assess, Design, Implement, and Maintain (Support) is the modular structure we use in our business.

We treat each phase of that process separately, allowing our clients to engage with us when and at whatever phase they feel is appropriate.

All we ask is before we start any new project there is an assessment to ensure we’re in agreement on the effort to be undertaken.

Our Methodology

What is ADIM?

  • Assess – Working with our clients to understand their needs and determine the best technology to satisfy their requirements. The outcome is a plan of attack.
  • Design – Once a plan is developed,  we identify and integrate all the components to develop a solution that will satisfy the plan.

This is an iterative process designed to fine-tune the solution before work is started.

  • Implement– building out the solution developed in the Design Process. 
  • Maintain – A WordPress site is not static. It requires tuning, cleaning, monitoring, and updating. We offer plans to meet the needs of our clients

Our consultative services also take advantage of the ADIM methodology.

Taking that approach allows us to function as trusted advisors to our clients.

Our goal is to ensure that people and processes are in sync with both individual and business goals.

Taking that type of approach allows us to better tailor our work to the needs of our clients.

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