Optimizing Images

Optimizing Images Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

Why optimize images Optimizing Images in WordPress can be an art, but it’s not one that everyone understands.  When you optimize an image, you’re really improving your website performance, making the user experience for your visitors much more pleasant. There is no simple formula to optimizing an image. Depending on the quality, size, and your

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Different Types of WordPress Email

Did you know there are different types of WordPress Email?

You can send different types of WordPress Email Overview There are different types of email in WordPress because you can use email differently based on what your intentions are. Email, and how you send it can be a difficult topic to understand. To better understand it, you need to think about how your email is

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Styling Content with the Block Editor

Styling Content in the Block Editor

Page and Post content styling in the block editor is no fun It’s time for me to drill down into styling content. An area I find particularly annoying in the block editor. Last month I started this series with my thoughts about the block editor. Feel free to read Part 1: Biting the Bullet and

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