Connecting CRM to WordPress

Trials of Connecting a CRM to WordPress

Connecting a CRM to WordPress may not be an obvious next step for your business, but I’d held off too long doing it. It became even more important as I have a client that needs the kind of support it offers in an easy to use package. What exactly does CRM mean? First of all,

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Technology News

If you’re like me, you spend some time reading news about technology and the products and services you work with. There are websites and email messages you get each day, and they can take your time. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have a daily summary of what you read. I decided it was

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WordPress Security shouldn’t be an after thought

WordPress Security WordPress Security isn’t at the forefront of most business owners. It’s not something business owners think about. Why? Because the message they’re trying to deliver is more important. People build websites to enhance their business, to make it more appealing to their visitors, and to deliver that message; as a result, security is

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