bluSpider, LLC was formed to help business owners gain a deeper understanding of technology and how its used in today's fast pace world.

Whether it's social media, networking, website design and implementation or WordPress website maintenance we can guide you through the decision making process. 


What We Do

The internet and websites can be challenging; we're here to help you navigate those challenges. Helping you build the type of internet presence you can support, a website you can be proud of and social media services connecting it all together.

We take a slightly different approach, learning about you, your business, how you operate and then working with you to build a plan, implement and support your ideas.

Our Services span three key areas:

  • Consulting
  • WordPress Design and Implementation
  • WordPress Maintenance

We'll help you build your website and offer on-going support to help you manage and increase the effectiveness.

Wesley provided the small nonprofit I work with guidance and assistance on the technology components related to the move of our offices – and the move of our server, reconnection of all computers and printers, etc., all occurred without a hitch. He also undertook a comprehensive review of all of our technology systems and technology… Read more “Nonprofit Guidance and Assistance”

I have been so impressed with the level of work by bluSpider … over and above, outstanding. I know much more about my website, we are set up on Google Maps and Bing … Thanks so much for doing all you do.



We take an enterprise architecture approach to consulting.  Involving our clients in the process by equipping them with a deeper understanding of their business and the interaction between People and Process as they impacted by technology.

Design & Implementation

Design & Implementation

We take an Agile approach to design and Implementation of WordPress. Using a standard project template we can insure deployment of your website quickly. The bulk of the is spent in designing to your specifications.

WordPress Care

WordPress Care

WordPress Care is a subscription WordPress Maintenance service. Often small business owners struggle to support their website, WordPress Care offloads the operations and maintenance freeing the owners for more important thing. 


Social has many means for people and business, but to us it means social

  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Integration

We can help you with it all.

Site Audit

Start out by learning what you need to correct. A free Snapshot audit is a good place to start before making an investment.

SEO / Citation Services

A website needs to be known and Search Engine Optimization is key to making that happen. If you're a local business making sure you're known in all the right places is just as important. It's all about who you know to help make your business successful


It's one thing to have all the right pieces in place, but how do you know if what you're doing is effective. That's where Analytics come in. Analyzing your traffic on a continuing basis will tell you where your visitors are coming from and where you need to devote time.

We help you make your web presence meaningful.

3 days ago
With Google Trips being discontinued, what are you using to plan and track your trips?
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MakeUseOf @MakeUseOf
Planning a trip? You need these apps!: "5 Smart Travel Planning Apps for Easier Trip Itineraries"
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iPhone users are slowing their buying? Oh my!
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AppleInsider @appleinsider
The loyalty of #iPhone owners in the upgrade cycle has fallen to its lowest levels since 2011, benefiting #Samsung, new survey data suggests.
2 weeks ago
I've been working with a couple of churches on social media campaigns for upcoming Vacation Bible School programs.
2 weeks ago
Ninja Forms is my choice for WordPress Forms plugin. Have you tried it?
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PremiumWordPress @WP_Prem
The most powerful, flexible, and easiest #WordPress form builder in existence!

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