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What We Do

Our core business at bluSpider, LLC is WordPress; WordPress Maintenance is an area we feel deserves particular attention;  however, our services span the gamut of technology; WordPress Analysis, Design, and Implementation as well as Consulting, Social Media, Networking, and Security for your business. 

One of our key tenets in everything we do is security.

The internet and websites can be challenging; we’re here to help you navigate those challenges. Helping you build the type of internet presence you can support, a website you can be proud of and social media services connecting it all together.

We take a slightly different approach, striving to align the technology with business rather than the other way around.  We learn about you, your business, how you operate and then working with you to plan, design, implement and support your ideas.

We’ll help you build your WordPress website and provide on-going support to help you manage and increase the visibility of your business.

Nonprofit Guidance and Assistance

Wesley provided the small nonprofit I work with guidance and assistance on the technology components related to the move of our offices – and the move of our server, reconnection of all computers and printers, etc., all occurred without a hitch. He also undertook a comprehensive review of all of our technology systems and technology… Read more “Nonprofit Guidance and Assistance”

Paul Kealey

More Than Expected

I have been so impressed with the level of work by bluSpider … over and above, outstanding. I know much more about my website, we are set up on Google Maps and Bing … Thanks so much for doing all you do.

Laurie Sayles Artis

You’ve installed WordPress, designed and published your website, what’s next?

Other Services

  • Social

    Social has many means for people and business, but to us it means

    • Media
    • Marketing
    • Integration
  • Site Audit

    A site audit will give you an idea of the health of your site and provide the information needed to create a plan to fix what’s wrong. Why not start out by learning what you need to correct. A free Snapshot audit is a good place to start before making an investment.

  • SEO/Citation Services

    A website needs to be known and Search Engine Optimization is key to making that happen. If you’re a local business making sure you’re known in all the right places is just as important. It’s all about who you know to help make your business successful

  • Analytics

    It’s one thing to have all the right pieces in place, but how do you know if what you’re doing is effective. That’s where Analytics come in. Analyzing your traffic on a continuing basis will tell you where your visitors are coming from and where you need to devote time.

We’re here to help you make your web presence meaningful.

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