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WordPress Care

WordPress Care is a subscription WordPress Maintenance service. Websites are a required tool for businesses. Owning such a tool requires an investment in creating, operating and maintaining it. Many small business owners don’t have the staff, time or skills to dedicate to supporting a website. That’s where we come in. WordPress Care will offload the operations and maintenance of your WordPress site. Those daily, weekly and monthly tasks that you’ve not been able to keep up with; the plugin updates, security scans, optimization, and backups. Let us handle it for you.

What does WordPress Care provide?

What’s involved in keeping your website operational? A recent article described the following tasks for a typical WordPress site

  • Website Updates
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Security
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Malware Scanning and Cleaning
  • Hosting
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Analytics

As a business owner do you have the time or skills to tackle those tasks?

Protect your investment and subscribe to one of our WordPress Care services.  Choose from our basic service or customize the services that best meet your needs.

Service Request

* New subscriptions require a one-time baseline analysis

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