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Why the name bluspider, LLC

Why the name bluSpiderWhenever I speak or present to an audience someone always asks “Why the name bluSpider?”

As with most new businesses I had to chose a name, one that (hopefully) represented my plans and company goals; and it had to have a web presence that served as the foundation. One that represented our capabilities and allowed those capabilities to be spotlighted without having to rethink the name.

I’d owned the domain noderunner.com many years ago; but, my expertise at the time was in telecommunications, networking, the internet, and Unix.  The idea behind that name was based on the telecommunications and networking concept of “nodes” and the image of communications between them. While I’d love to have used that domain, I no longer have it and quite frankly it no longer represented what I know now, so a change was in order.

Over the years, I’ve gained (and expanded) expertise in:

  • Networking
  • Internet technologies
  • Operating Systems (Unix, Windows, Linux)
  • Microsoft Windows, and Exchange
  • Programming
  • Database
  • Strategies
  • Security & Operations
  • Systems Management
  • Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • and more

It was evident the NodeRunner name was not enough. I had to have a way to represent the connectivity between all of that technologies and business.

Enter a spider web

bluSpider in WebWhat came to mind was a web, a spider’s web. Combine that with my favorite color and, well you get the idea. An image of a web connecting all the areas of knowledge with a spider navigating around it, building, enforcing what needs to be enforced, moving what needs to be moved, and synchronizing everything. Ultimately, ending up with a structure that serves his purposes.

Adding to that uniqueness (and to increase the chances of finding a suitable domain name I left the “e” off the word blue.

What it’s all about

So, why the name bluSpider? We felt bluSpider encompassed it all. An organization that adapts to meet the needs of our clients, but also one that provides the expertise needed to augment their business and operations goals.

We don’t try to do everything, bluSpider focuses on two sides of our clients business:

  1. Strategic – Long-term
  2. Tactical – Short-term

Any recommendations we make take both of those into consideration.

bluSpider TaglineStrategically, we work with business owners to help them plan how technology will fit. Our tagline says it all, “Aligning technology with business .” Notice the emphasis is on the business. Businesses sometimes get it wrong and try to shoehorn a specific technology into the business without understanding the impact.

Tactically, we work with our clients to deploy their solutions. We want to make sure they understand the impact of those technologies on their operations as well as the projected maintenance cost.

We don’t try to tackle everything. We know where we need to focus our efforts.

our services center around the following areas

Internet Presence – Helping new businesses create their first website and start their SEO journey. Our platform of chose is WordPress.

WordPressWordPress Design, Implementation – Design and Implementation of WordPress sites

WordPress Maintenance – We recognize that not all businesses have the expertise or time to manage their WordPress sites; we offer customizable subscription plans.

Security Assessments – In today’s environment understanding and managing risk is critical to protecting the reputation of business owners and their property.

What about you?

While our portfolio of services looks small, our expertise is extensive and we demonstrate that with our Enterprise Architecture approach which mandates an understanding of your business before selecting any technology. The reason? Not every business owner can support or afford every technology; consequently, choosing the technology to fit you and your business is critical.

Now that you know why the name bluspider, why not reach out to us and start the conversation about your needs.

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