SEO Audit

We provide two SEO Audit services, Snapshot and Essential Audit which are geared to helping you, the website owner improve your investment.

Essential SEO AuditSnapshot SEO Audit

The bluSpider Snapshot SEO Audit provides the website owner with feedback on their website. It provides a summary report with the following information

  • Domain Strength
  • Eternal Domain factors
  • Domain information
  • Site Audit Summary
  • Pages Indexed by the Search Engines
  • Backlink
  • Social Media popularity

That information can be used to help you identify where you need to provide more attention to improve your ranking

Essential SEO AuditEssential SEO Audit

Building from the Snaphot SEO Audit the Essential SEO Audit provides more details. Site Audit areas are ranked (red, amber, green.) The SEO Website Audit highlights each page and it’s ranking with suggestion how to improve.

Let us work with you to help you understand the report and any steps required to improve your SEO results.

SEO AuditWould you like to know more about our SEO Audit Services?

Use the form below to get more information or request a sample report. We're also more than happy to work with you to help you understand the reports and offer recommendations for you to improve your investment. 

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