The Importance of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Care

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WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress MaintenancebluSpider, LLC provides WordPress maintenance and support services with our WordPress Care services.

WordPress is one of the easiest CMS applications to implement; however, building a website and maintaining it are two distinct skills and for most business owners not one they understand or want to take on. As a result you’ll find most sites are not up-to-date in one way or another.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used to build and maintain websites. A content management system provides many of the core features and functional required to deliver content to visitors of a website. WordPress enforces a consistent look and feel across all website pages.

Three key components comprise WordPress:

  • WordPress Core – the WordPress application provided by the WordPress developers.
  • Themes – Templates which provide the customized look and feel of your WordPress website. A theme sets the font set, formatting, color and layout of your pages and posts
  • Plugins – WordPress uses plugins, small applications to extend core functionality.

Plugins and themes are provided by WordPress or independent developers. Registering their code with WordPress a developers submits to testing against the latest versions for vulnerabilities and compatibility. Information about each plugin is maintained in the repository which makes it easy to identify release and version information, compatibility and functionality.

Following the WordPress developer guidelines enable update notifications to be pushed to every website their themes and plugins are installed. Automatic updates are possible, but can break a website if there is a conflict between installed plugins; not enabling automatic updates make it the website owners responsibility to update their sites.

What impact does not maintaining your site have?

No WordPress Maintenance may not have an immediate impact, at least not a visible one. The Internet is a dangerous place and it’s only a matter of time. Hackers are constantly probing websites to determine what they are running and what they can use to break in. Vulnerabilities in core WordPress services identified during those probes making it possible to exploit your site.

Plugin and theme vulnerabilities are reported daily and it’s not just the “good guys” who get those reports. The recent security breaches at Equifax is an example of what can go wrong when a system is not patched.

While most websites don’t have the influence or visibility of an Equifax that does not reduce the potential risk of a breach.

What does maintaining your site involve?

Our WordPress maintenance service, WordPress Care starts with some basic tenants of caring for and maintaining your website. WordPress Care is provided by subscription and can be customized for each client. The amount of support you want is up to you; however these routines must be done constantly to insure a measure of protection. Such tasks as:

  • Schedule website backup (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Monitored update of WordPress (for major upgrades)
  • scheduled plugin and theme updates
  • Application of security patches to both WordPress and installed plugins
  • Scheduled malware and antivirus scans
  • broken link detection and correction

These services provide our customers with a level of confidence that their websites are up-to-date and secure, consistent with the latest SEO standards and a place their clients will feel safe visiting.

Reach out to us to learn more about our WordPress Care services.

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