Starting up a new Business shouldn’t make you frantic

Starting up a new business shouldn’t make you frantic

shouldn't make you franticA new business venture shouldn’t make you frantic. I’ve been working with a couple of people recently, one in starting up a new business and another expanding an existing one.

I’m finding that many new and existing start-ups struggle with what it takes to get a business going. I’m not going to say they have no idea ¬†because that would be wrong.

The problem is a lot of what needs to be done is overwhelming. There is so much that needs to be started and at times it seems there is not enough time.

My first suggestion to anyone starting out is step back and take a breather. Then grab a piece of paper and start documenting what you need to get done and the time you need to complete.

Identify the “minimal viable features/services” you need to be successful and plan for that. Keep in mind your business will evolve so don’t try to build everything at once. Things will change.

Group you efforts into categories and identify the resources needed for each task within the category. Some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are there any legal/regulatory concerns I need to address?
  • Do I need help to complete this task?
  • Can this task be accomplished in conjunction with another task?
  • Is this task critical for my start-up or can it wait?
  • Can you prioritize what needs to be done. Focus on the critical stuff first

If you’re starting a new business make sure you’re taking advantage of the resources at your disposal. If you’ve got friends with expertise ask them for some pointers.

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