Reading eBooks has become popular

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Reading eBooks has become popularAre you Reading eBooks?

As an avid reader, I’m rarely without some form of reading material either in my hand or on me. I read a lot of ebooks. I enjoy reading ebooks.

I still have a large collection of paperback and hardback books, but over the years I’ve run out of space to keep them. Now I collect ebooks.

I’ve learned to limit my book purchases to those I need as reference; those I know I’ll need to constantly refer to because of some project or learning effort. I especially find ebooks a bonus when I travel. If it’s a reference book I need and its too big to carry, I will buy a portable version. I’ll even convert documentation to ebook when I know I may need it later. When I’m traveling I may have as many as 20 – 30 reference books.

I’ll read ebooks on my eReader, my tablet, my PC and even my smartphone. Some ereader software is has gotten smart and allows you to start on one device and pickup reading on another. Despite all the talk about reference material my primary use of an ebooks is for pleasure.

eBook formats

I’m not a big Kindle fan, they use a proprietary format which makes it difficult to read on any device that is not a Kindle or have the Kindle Reader installed. Unfortunately, Amazon does have the largest selection of books, so my resistance is starting to wane.

My favorite ebook format is ePub. Barnes & Noble and Project Gutenberg offer books in that format as is GoodReader.

The other popular format that is used by people creating business books is pdf. There is are a lot of reference material and free ebooks available on the internet in that format


Self-published books are gaining momentum and there is some good stuff out there for the casual and business reader. There are also some pretty good self-published ebooks.

Where to get eBooks

As I stated, my primary source of ebooks is Amazon. I get a daily feed of newly published books.

Why have ebooks and self-publishing become so popular? The cost; by cutting out all the overhead of the publisher, distribution channels and the stores authors are gaining better control over the income received from their books. It has also created some new and exciting distribution channels.

Amazon offers at least two methods for authors to self-publish

  1. Createspace
  2. Kindle Direct Publish

Another avenue is Bookbaby where you can both publish and review books.

Looking to buy a ebook?

There’s always Amazon, but most other book publishers sell ebooks as well. You also can check GoodReads for book reviews, recommendations and links to purchase.

There are ebook feeds and mailing lists you can subscribe to. One I recently found is Buck Bucks Daily Deals. This is an interesting site as not only are the books here self-published but they’re also sold for less than $1.00.

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