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Our Consulting Model

Consulting ModelbluSpider, LLC uses a simple, visual consulting delivery model comprised of no more than 5 steps.

An Analysis of the current environment must be done before any decisions are made. Using an industry standard methodology a visual diagram is created showing the current environment. Emphasis is placed on depicting the environment in a context which clearly depicts the interaction of all components that will be affected by any change.

Planning at this stage of the process is important to insure a clear path between current and future state. This is accomplished with a series of meetings with the stakeholders to brainstorm ideas, identify gaps and refine goals. Gaps are identified and documented

– Capabilities– Support– Security– Policies and Procedures


A preliminary Design is developed from the Plan phase . Paramount to that design effort is an understanding of the impact to the people and business.

A visual diagram is used at this stage as well. to help the business stakeholders visualize how changes to the architecture will impact their business.

People Process & TechnologyAn evaluation of the design must be undertaken. A process that could be as simple as determining the ability of the personnel to support the proposed solution. Revisiting the design is a likely outcome of this phase.

Not until the design is approved and project planning completed should Implementation be undertaken.

This modular approach to consulting allows our clients to better manage their projects and provide them with the the documentation to continue to the next phase at any time.

Support occurs after the completion of the above phases. Depending on the services, bluSpider, LLC can assist with support or provide support. Contact us for further information.

First Step: Consulting Model - Analysis



AnalysisAnalysis, understanding your business, its strengths and weaknesses should be a core part of any consulting effort. Business owners are focused on making their business successfully and don’t have time to investigate technology. Quite often it is not until something breaks that they realize there is a problem.

We’ll review your current operations, interviewing key stakeholders, document gaps and provide a brief assessment of our findings. This “current state” analysis provides the foundation for discussion and input into the creation of a “future state” document and plan for implementation.

The technology consulting services bluSpider offer include this review of your current process, operating procedures, and technology deployment to insure they are consistent with your business goals and objectives. We will deliver an assessment report of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy.

It is not until that assessment is complete that you will have a clear picture of what you need to attack.

Analysis is the first step in improving and correcting any deficiencies in your business strategy.

Next Step  Consulting Model - Plan



PlanningPlanning is something every business owner must do to be successful. Often technology decisions are not considered during business planning. Technology decisions for some companies are done based on a specific need without consideration for other parts of the business. The fallout from those types of decisions? Duplication and lost productivity. Why not extend that planning to your technology decisions?

Where are some areas you should incorporate technology planning?

– Security         – Current process         – Slippage         – Compliance         – Capabilities Analysis

 What risk am I introducing to the business?

Let us work with you to identify the risk, solidify your technology strategy and develop amitigation plan. We will work with your team to insure process in other parts of the business are not broken and document the impact.

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