My Windows 10 upgrade experience

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I’m excited about my Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. Why else would they give it away for free? Regardless, changing from something that works to a new, unproven  operating system can cause a bit of anxiety. Was I apprehensive? Absolutely!

I’m not one to be the first on the block with any new operating system, but I’m comfortable enough with Windows 8.1 and Microsoft assured us we’d love the experience, so why not.  Plus Microsoft made it easy. If you’ve been keeping your computer updated you would have gotten the “Get Windows 10” app that allowed you to reserve your copy of the new operating system.

After you have reserved, you are in the queue for your upgrade. Watch for your notification from the Get Windows 10 app to arrive in the coming days or weeks. At that point, you can upgrade immediately or pick a time that works for you.

Source: How to Upgrade to Windows 10 – Microsoft

Windows 10 Upgrade Notifcaton iconHaving the teaser in my notification tray for the past few weeks had kept me in anticipating July 29, the day when Microsoft released the operating system.

Leave your computer on if you want to speed the download

Your Windows 10 Upgrade availableToday, when I came down to my desk I noticed the icon was alerting me to the fact the Windows 10 upgrade had been downloaded and was available to install. At first I thought it odd that only one of my Windows machines had received the notification but realized that machine had been on all week.

[I wasn’t as lucky with my workhorse Dell Inspiron. The download came in, but I also got a notification stating the machine couldn’t be upgraded because of an unsupported video card.] 

Windows 10 Upgrade is ready to installIn any case, I was concerned that the upgrade process would destroy my work computer, so the first thing on my mind was to get a complete backup of the machine. That took almost 2 hours before I was comfortable hitting the “start” button.

Be patient, the upgrade takes a lot of time

Getting the Windows 10 Upgrade startedI’ve been through a lot of upgrades, but this is one of the longest I’ve ever gone through.  A percentage complete shows throughout the process which at least lets you know its working.

Microsoft and the computer vendors seemed to have taken things into account. I recall when I accepted the invitation there was one driver on my computer that woudl not work. Well before the upgrade was released Asus updated the offending driver. At the time of installation the upgrade process reported my computer was totally compliant.

My first impressions of Windows 10

The last stage of the installation was impressive. A new Windows 10 login screen appeared with a “Windows 10-ish” version of my avatar letting me know it was finalizing the installation and the operating system was almost ready. My heart sunk for a moment when a message appeared stated the installation was “Updating the Asus gesture drivers,” but once that disappeared everything seemed to be fine.  When the login appeared, I noticed a slight difference in speed. I can’t verify it yet, but my computer feels more responsive.

I’m a desktop user of Windows 8.1; I rarely use the Modern Interface, but I can see and feel the difference between the operating systems. Windows 10 definitely feels more like Windows 7 than 8.1 but Modern Interface users won’t be completely put off, it actually appears in the start menu, a bit strange, but its not at all intrusive. Microsoft has devoted more time to the desktop experience and it shows. Much of what I had to do using multiple clicks of the mouse are not easily accessible. There is no more awkward right clicking to bring up a Windows menu, configure or power the machine off either.

The not so happy moments

Application migration

I’ve not tested all my applications yet, but I spend a lot of time in Outlook, so that was the first application I started. When I clicked on the Outlook icon the Office 2013 installer started. I suspect the reason is to reconfigure the Office applications for Windows 10. For a novice, this would be scary because it seems like Office is being reinstalled. The question I have now is will I have to go through this with other Office applications.

[UPDATE: Links to all my mailboxes worked fine, but It appears the installation removed permissions on my Outlook pst file (My Outlook Data File.pst). Attempting to open it were met with a “You do not have permissions to access this file” error. A quick review of the file on another machine pointed out the ACL for the file no longer included my logged in user account. Adding my windows account with the correct permissions (Full control)  and restarting Outlook corrected the problem.]


OneDrive also had to be reconfigured. I’ve been having problems with OneDrive not synchronizing files (and loosing data) over the past few months;  Microsoft has not been very responsive with answers. This installation actually gave me an indication of what is really going on. There appears to be a local OneDrive sync directory as well as a virtual connection to OneDrive. It’s my assumption I should be saving to the local OneDrive  folder.  I’d forgotten how Groove used to sync data. The installation of OneDrive it asks you for two locations.

  1. The location of the sync directory (OneDrive)
  2. The OneDrive virtual directory (what appears in the File Manager)

The problem I notices is both of these are called OneDrive and after the installation I had two OneDrive folders. One houses the local/offline files from OneDrive the other is for local files sync’d to OneDrive. Hopefully, this will sort itself out.

I’m going to have to monitor saving to OneDrive to see what happens.

Microsoft Edge

Edge is the new Windows browser. I’ve not used Internet Explorer extensively in a while, but I do use it and I have bookmarks. So far, I’ve not found any of my bookmarks in Edge. I’m sure there has got to be something I’m missing, [maybe I just have to look for an link/copy that favorites folder] I can’t imagine Microsoft would have neglected something so simple.

Microsoft was having a problem with the Windows Update method to get the update in peoples hands. They’ve since released a method to download the operating system directly from them. You can go to this link .

If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use the tools on this page to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD. [Windows 10]

Be forewarned read the requirements carefully, this is a download link not an upgrade and the requirements to use these files differ from the reservation.

I’m obviously waiting for the downloads for my other Windows 10 reservations to arrive, but in the interim I’m going to be playing around with Windows 10 to get a lot more familiar with the differences.

I’d like to hear from you about your experience with the upgrade, your like, dislikes and problems. Be sure to post them here.

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