My continued search for the perfect alternate work laptop

alternate work laptop

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Finding the Perfect Alternate Work Laptop

alternate work laptopI’m constantly looking for an alternate work laptop; something light that supports the applications I use while on vacation, visiting clients or working from a remote location. A machine I can pull out in the airport and know I have enough battery to last a while. Making the selection has not been easy and I’ve tried a couple of avenues, from Chromebook to Windows 10 tablet with keyboard.

I’ve got to say, my all around favorite alternate device is my Chromebook. It has a smooth and easy to navigate interface, but I can’t access all the applications and that is a problem.  I’m relegating it to my backup and “couch potato” machine.

90% of  my data is in the Cloud, so I can access information anywhere as long as I have the supporting applications.

At one point I purchased a Windows RT convertible and thought I’d found exactly what I needed; an 10” ASUS tablet with detachable keyboard with built-in battery. I thought it was my ideal alternate work laptop, but there were flaws in the design and the device lasted about 6 months before it became useless. Needless to say I was soured on ASUS tablets for a while (that despite the quality of my Nexus 7 and my primary work laptop.)

Three months ago, I took a chance on another ASUS convertible; the ASUS Transformer Mini. It was what I should have gotten instead of the RT device. I’ve been extremely pleased with it. The design is similar to the Microsoft Surface (I consider it a cross between a Chromebook, a tablet and the Surface.) It’s running Windows 10 with a 64GB internal hard drive and an SD slot for additional storage. Battery life is about 11 hours.

It’s the perfect device for that quick run to the client, a day trip or that computer you slip into your back when your wife is not looking as you head out on vacation.

A month after getting the Transformer Mini I came in possession of a Microsoft Surface. Now that I’ve tried that device I’m hooked, but I am torn between which is the best for what I need. These are both highly functional devices and good alternate devices for travel; with aluminum bodies, and stylish with exceptional build quality of each is high its hard to decide.

So which would I choose?

The Microsoft Surface is not an inexpensive device, but it is the ideal executive travel device. It can be used as a desktop replacement device, in place of a standard tablet or an alternate “travel” laptop. It’s design makes it ideal for the Enterprise. The ASUS Transformer Mini on the other hand does not have the disk space of the Surface, but it’s a far lighter device. In the Enterprise it would take the place of a tablet, but I would not recommend it as the alternative for your primary work computer.

Luckily I do have both (for the moment) and depending on my needs I will alternate between the two; however, I can easily stuff the Transformer Mini in a bag and it’s barely noticeable. The deciding factor is going to be what applications I need while out and about.

The decision on my alternate work laptop is still up in the air, but I think I’m a lot closer.

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