Design Implement

Assess Design Implement SupportFollowing an Analysis Design and Implement are the next two phases in our consulting model. We strongly believe that when starting a new project a design must be done before investing in any technology. The design needs to be done after requirements are gathered. This structured approach increases the potential for success of the project as the interaction between people, process and technology is better understood and potential risk has understood and means of mitigating defined.

A visual diagram is used at this stage as well. to help the business stakeholders visualize how changes to the architecture will impact their business.

People Process & TechnologyAn evaluation of the design must be undertaken. A process that could be as simple as determining the ability of the personnel to support the proposed solution. Revisiting the design is a likely outcome of this phase.

Not until the design is approved and project planning completed should Implementation be undertaken.

This modular approach to consulting allows our clients to better manage their projects and provide them with the the documentation to continue to the next phase at any time.



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