Consulting ModelConsulting has many definitions, but according to Merriam Webster Dictionary

 providing professional or expert advice

We provide professional and expert consulting advice to business owners and their staff. After more than 30 years working with business owners, both large and small and in all market segments; Federal (Civilian and DoD), State and Local Government, Health Care, and Retail to name a few,)  with expertise in networking, infrastructure, programming, security, databases, mobility, and collaboration.

Our approach to consulting is based on a consulting model where we look at the full lifecycle starting with Discovery and moving through Support. No consulting can be done without an understanding of the business. Our approach throughout our model involves our clients, increasing their level of knowledge in the integration of technology into their environment and improving their level of confidence in the outcome.

This strategic focus moves the decision making back into the hands of the business owners while equipping them with a deeper understanding of what they have, the needs of the business and the interaction between People and Process as they impacted by technology.

As in real life, our model is iterative starting with analysis and moving through distinct “structured” phases refining the solution as we progress.


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