What Cloud Storage Platforms Are You Use?

Cloud Storage is everywhere

Cloud StorageI was just taking a look at my computer to see what was connected and decided to take a count of the number of Cloud Storage Vendors I have connected. Turns out I have 5.. The sad thing is one of those providers is connecting to 3 different servers. Do I really need all of them? At the time they were installed the answer was yes. I still use them all, but I wonder if this has gotten out of hand.

Which do I use?

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon Cloud
  • DropBox
  • OwnCloud

Why do I have so many?

It did not start out that way, I started with Dropbox because a friend told me how good it was. It took me a while to really understand how it worked, but by the time SkyDrive/OneDrive came along I was hooked.

I’ve got to admit, as time as gone on using them has become easier and they’ve become an integral part of my life. I save client files, pictures meeting notes, music and videos. My primary use is file storage and I connect to the drives across multiple platforms and form-factors.

I’ve really found them invaluable when on vacation and out shopping.

I really like the way they have both a installable file service on many of the platforms I use (Windows, Android and Chrome) and a web interface I can use on a Public machine if I really need to get to something.

My other major use is collaboration. I happen to be working with a group of people revising a series of document and reviewing resumes. Sharing and updating those files from a shared drive has proven invaluable.

…and then there is the family share I created to share pictures. At least it’s started out for picture sharing, but I realized it was an ideal place to keep vital information in case I needed to get to it in a hurry.

It never amazes me when I come up with another way to share information between people. The downside of course is trying to figure out where I put that one piece of information I need, but with modern technology everything I need is literally in my hand.

How many Cloud Storage platforms are you using? I’m interesting in hearing your experience.

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