Chrome crashes have become unbearable

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Google Chrome crashes have caused me to rethink my browser choses

Chrome crashesChrome crashes on me a lot which is sad because I really love it. Unfortunately, having to wait between pages while Chrome figures out whether it’s going to crash or not has become old. It’s especially annoying with modern browsers that save across devices so Chrome on every one of my devices is slow and crashing (on some sites.) It doesn’t help that on Windows 10 Microsoft now has a popup advertising the speed and stability of Edge.

I’m not the type of person to jump ship without understanding what is going on.

Is Edge Faster?

Microsoft EdgeAbsolutely, I switched my default browser to Edge and noticed a significant increase in stability and speed; but, I chose Chrome not just for the browsing experience but also for the application and extension integration. I don’t have that in Chrome and I’ve got years of working with Chrome get customize it for my daily use; and then there’s my Chromebook.

Which leads me to consider what I call “browser hygienes.” Why is Chrome crashing, why is it so slow? When I first started using it I did not have a problem. It was much faster than Internet Explorer, but after years of working with Chrome I’ve tried and installed a number of applications and extensions. Some of which I don’t use, some of which are just disabled. Its become bloated.

I’ve noticed it waiting to load extensions during those slow periods.

Google ChromeSo, the logical thing to do was to go through and do some housekeeping. Afterwards, Chrome loads much faster and isn’t crashing as much. Its still not as stable as I would like, but it’s better.

Will I stick with Chrome as my default browser? yes. I’ve got a lot invested, but I’ll continue to use both browsers. There’s no guarantee that Chrome will be fully stable. Even as I write this I’m seeing some of the old behavior. My next steps are to following Google’s recommendations for tuning Chrome.

What did I learn? The tools we use, just like our cars require maintenance and tuning if we expect them to perform at their peak. It’s no different with a browsers which in today’s environment we use constantly.

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