BYON is emerging as the lastest trend in scary business trends

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BYON in Action - Tethered phoneBYON, or Bring Your Own Network is another of those practices that has caught businesses flat-footed. Why is it happening?

It’s actually quite simple. Workers are being asked to do more and not being equipped with the tools they need. It wasn’t that long ago that a trip to the airport found business people with their laptops out and a mobile hotspot attached. That should have been a clue to business owners  to expect something similar.

Think about it. Most homes are equipped with wireless connections now and most vendors have made it really easy to configure an access point. More people are tethering their laptops to get online, BYON in the making. If employees are getting slow or no response from IT and their challenged to get online with what they’re being offered they’ve got a couple of options they’re really familiar with.

  • Mobile hotspots
  • Wi-Fi tethered smartphone

Business owners, take heed. It’s time to take back control of your business. There is more at stake than the secretary playing games.

Enterprises worry when employees bring their own (insecure) network

Image by Susanna Bolle (cc) Creative Commons

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