BYOD Did the Cow get out of the barn?

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BYOD - Don't let it out of the barn without some controlI’ve said before: Business owners really need to understand the needs of their workforce before the workforce decide for them.

The tablet and smartphone revolution took many businesses by surprise, but there is no excuse for allowing the workforce to dictate what you support. Does that mean you ignore their demands? No.

The key is control and communications. Be proactive and take the following steps:

  • Identify how mobility will affect your current operations (don’t limit this to BYOD devices. Your best control is with corporate owned devices, but you need to understand the impact to your business, security and the infrastructure. What risk and are you introducing? Does allowing these devices violate any compliance or regulatory rules?
  • Determine what devices you can support. Yes, you have the right to say I won’t support x operating system from x manufacturer. It’s your business.
  • Identify the risk in supporting mobile devices (both Corporate and BYOD)
  • Build your policies, communicate them to your team and enforce them. People can deal with change if they know what and why.
  • Build out a Mobile Device Management structure. You can’t insure the integrity of your business unless you have the ability to control the devices connecting. You use desktop and laptop management for a reason. It’s time to extend it to mobile devices.
  • Don’t forget the network. Make sure it can support the changes. Workers connecting to your Wi-Fi network with unauthorized devices add load. Workers connecting to your secure intranet with unauthorized devices are a security nightmare.
  • Start a pilot with a limited number of authorized users and communicate what you’re doing.
  • Engage your workers. Make them a part of the decision making process. They will become your advocates.

You’re users may not like what you’re doing, but they will respect that you’re willing to change as long as you communicate your intentions and the limits of what you will do

Bad tech at work puts pressure on enterprises to go BYOD


Image by  Jeffrey  Creative Commons

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