Converting your site to SSL is easy and free

Upgrading my site to SSL has been one of my dreams Having an SSL site means you’ve arrived. In the past its been expensive, but no more. Free SSL Certificates are available and easy to install. Here’s a brief overview of and how I got it running. You’ve probably heard of SSL but had no

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Evernote restricting devices on Evernote Basic

Evernote Basic Subscription Changes Evernote Basic has been around for a while. It’s their free service and I’ve been a user for years, but I got this note in my email this week and it arrived shortly after I signed in on my work phone. As someone who accesses notes on multiple devices, it’s important

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What’s up with WordPress Offline blogging

WordPress Offline blogging I’ve been using WordPress for quite a while now and searching for a WordPress Offline blogging tool has been a challenge to say the least. There are a limited number of options out there and they are all dated. I don’t understand why there are not more; especially since I see them appearing

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How Cloud Storage Works on your PC

How Cloud Storage Works Everyone uses it today, but do you really understand how cloud storage works when you connect it to your PC? It took me a while to understand and accept that setting it up correctly and using it are two different things. I’m going to avoid a lot of the technical details

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