3 things that Annoy me about Chromebook

Here’s what annoy me about Chromebook? Yes, I’ve found things that annoy me about Chromebook. I’ve been describing my experiences with using my Chromebook, but I’ve not said a lot about what has really annoyed me with it. Are they something I can live with? So far, yes. As time goes on that may change,

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Cloud Print is the only way on Chromebook

Cloud Print is new? Is printing on Chromebook really a problem? No. I’d not thought about it before, but it’s one of those secondary issues that needs to be addressed AND for business, printing can be a big issue. So, how do you print on chromebook? You can’t install drivers; that’s not allowed. The key to

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How I selected Chrome Apps to use with Chromebook

Chrome Apps Applications are key to computing and Chrome apps are no exception. Applications, in this case chrome apps (or the lack thereof) will make or break my ability to use Chromebook for business. I want to If you recall, I’m trying to determine if I can use a Chromebook in business. Not just m

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What I learned traveling with Chromebook

Traveling with Chromebook Summer is approaching and its a good time for me to see how traveling with a Chromebook works before taking it on a business trip. After almost 2 weeks with this device I can honestly say there is a lot to like about Chromebook, but as I noted previously it is a

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