How Cloud Storage Works on your PC

How Cloud Storage Works Everyone uses it today, but do you really understand how cloud storage works when you connect it to your PC? It took me a while to understand and accept that setting it up correctly and using it are two different things. I’m going to avoid a lot of the technical details

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Understanding Analytics in WordPress and How to Use it

Analytics and WordPress What is Analytics Analytics is one of the last things someone creating a new web presence things about. The biggest reason is probably because they’re focused on getting known and  building a web site that will help their business grow.  Unfortunately, neglecting analytics is the worst thing they can do. Why? Let’s

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My Windows 10 upgrade experience

I’m excited about my Windows 10 upgrade Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. Why else would they give it away for free? Regardless, changing from something that works to a new, unproven  operating system can cause a bit of anxiety. Was I apprehensive? Absolutely! I’m not one to be the first on the

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7 Must have WordPress Plugins

Here’s my vote for the 7 Must have WordPress Plugins I’ve been working with WordPress a lot over the past year. I’m not new to it, but over the past year I’ve really  immersed myself in WordPress. Plugins are what makes this Content Management System (CMS) so flexible. It can be said that no two

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