Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?

Do you Live to Work? Live to Work, Is that what you do? When I was growing up my parents were always around. They both worked, but at different times, so there was always someone home or on their way home. “Latch-key” child? They were rare in my neighborhood. Times have certainly changed as we

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What Cloud Storage Platforms Are You Use?

Cloud Storage is everywhere I was just taking a look at my computer to see what was connected and decided to take a count of the number of Cloud Storage Vendors I have connected. Turns out I have 5.. The sad thing is one of those providers is connecting to 3 different servers. Do I really

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What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Plugin A WordPress Plugin extends the capabilities of WordPress as a platform for website development. Yes, you can build a website without a plugin, but adding a plugin will make your website shine.. WordPress Plugins add new functionality to the core WordPress platform changing it from a simple blogging or website to something more;

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