Moving to SSL

WordPress Recommending Moving To SSL

Moving to SSL in 2017 It had to happen, WordPress now advocating moving to SSL in 2017 and it’s not just WordPress; Google is making a strong for people to convert their sites. The push for secure connectivity across the Internet is gaining momentum. Identity theft is of paramount importance to everyone today. Transacting business

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Chrome crashes have become unbearable

Google Chrome crashes have caused me to rethink my browser choses Chrome crashes on me a lot which is sad because I really love it. Unfortunately, having to wait between pages while Chrome figures out whether it’s going to crash or not has become old. It’s especially annoying with modern browsers that save across devices

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More than a year with Chromebook

It’s been more than a year with Chromebook, I can believe it I can’t believe it been over a year with Chromebook. How do I know? Well, I have this strange habit of writing the date I purchased my electronics on them. It comes in handy at times. Take a look at my earlier post for my

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