Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?

Do you Live to Work? Live to Work, Is that what you do? When I was growing up my parents were always around. They both worked, but at different times, so there was always someone home or on their way home. “Latch-key” child? They were rare in my neighborhood. Times have certainly changed as we

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What Cloud Storage Platforms Are You Use?

Cloud Storage is everywhere I was just taking a look at my computer to see what was connected and decided to take a count of the number of Cloud Storage Vendors I have connected. Turns out I have 5.. The sad thing is one of those providers is connecting to 3 different servers. Do I really

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What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Plugin A WordPress Plugin extends the capabilities of WordPress as a platform for website development. Yes, you can build a website without a plugin, but adding a plugin will make your website shine.. WordPress Plugins add new functionality to the core WordPress platform changing it from a simple blogging or website to something more;

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Enterprise email, what a new business needs to know

Enterprise Email is Business mail A small investment in a business email account, your Enterprise Email can be the difference between success and failure for your new business. Yet, for many businesses, finding the right enterprise email provider isn’t top of mind. from Pocket via Did you enjoy this article? Then read the full version

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