Automatic Profile configuration on Android

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LlamaAutomatic Profile changes based on my location is something I wanted the first time I got a smartphone.

If I spend a lot of time in a location I want to customize what profile my phone uses. For instance, I may need to silence my phone or turn off cellular data if a known Access Point is available. Sometimes I forget.

I know you’ve been in a theater or church and were annoyed hearing someone’s phone going off. I don’t like being annoying.

To avoid that problem, I searched for an application that would allow me to change my profile based on my location. Finding one was not the easiest thing to do, but after some trial and error I settled on Llama and have been happy every since.

Llama is a complex applications, but that complexity is because the program is so feature rich. Location can be determined by:

  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular tower

You can create default locations and profiles and you can create and fire off events based on the location.

An event can be something as simple as time of day or a change in location from home to an unknown location.

When an event occurs you define actions; for example the “Arriving Home” event could turn off cellular data and enable wi-fi. The complementary “Leaving Home” event could disable wi-fi and enable cellular data. You decide what actions you want to accomplish.

Whenever I get a new phone one of the first applications I install and configure is Llama.

Llama is not perfect, sometimes it does not recognize where I am and the profile may not fire, but I can’t always blame the applications as it is using services from the phone to determine location.

I’ve searched for and tried other applications over the years, but nothing seems to compare to this little gem.

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