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About UsbluSpider, LLC, located in the Washington, DC area  is a technology consulting firm focused on infrastructure, networking, mobility and internet services assisting business leaders, owners, and executives better align technology into the fabric of their business.

Implementing the latest fad is not always best for businesses. We work with businesses to identify what works best for them and build a framework based on industry standards and designed to mitigate risk to the business and security at all levels.

After more than a decade in the computer industry. We're able to offer our expertise to our clients.

Some of our focus areas:


  • Coaching - Helping our clients understand the technology and how it fits their business
  • Analysis - Before you can build a roadmap for improvement you need to understand where you are. It doesn't matter the technology, documenting your current environment is critical.
  • Planning - Guiding our clients through planning while aligning the technology and infrastructure with their business goals.
  • Mobility - Mobile devices are becoming integral to business. We work with our clients to insure they don't compromise the integrity of the business. 
  • Education - New technology is intimidating. We work with our clients to help them understand not just the technology but also how it fits in their environment. 
  • Social Media Strategies - Guiding businesses in identifying the social media strategies to grow their business
  • Local Search Strategies - The internet is not kind to Local business. Let us help you build that identity
  • Security - Risk Analysis and Strategies
  • WordPress - Design, Implementation and Support 
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