3 things that Annoy me about Chromebook

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Here’s what annoy me about Chromebook?

Annoyed with ChromebookYes, I’ve found things that annoy me about Chromebook. I’ve been describing my experiences with using my Chromebook, but I’ve not said a lot about what has really annoyed me with it.

Are they something I can live with? So far, yes. As time goes on that may change, but for the moment here what I’ve found.

Files, the Chromebook file manager does not show all cloud shares linked to the user account.

I use more than one Cloud store to save my documents. When I’m working I can be accessing content from Google Drive, OneDrive or even Dropbox, but the File Explorer for Chromebook only displays what’s available on Google Drive.

To be fair Files does have an option to add/mount other services, so you can connect Dropbox and Windows shares (aka, SMB/CIFS) SFTP and others, but it’s not clear you can add more.

OneDrive, one of “the other file systems” I use is available from a third-party. Similar to other operating systems Chrome allows you to mount these services in the file manager but they are only available for a limited period of time before the mount point expires and it is removed from Files. I guess this is a security feature, but it’s annoying when you start chrome and see a message the mount has expire and you need to re-mount the file system.

I’m also finding the OneDrive service is not stable. Trying to save a file causes a “service not responding message and a suggestion to abort.”

That’s really annoying when I need to access or save a document to one of those file systems I need to login to the service (providing username and password) before the service is available in Files.

My work-around – navigate to the application first using the installed cloud application (i.e., OneDrive) and then open it.

[The OneDrive application and Service are named the same and use the same icon. Its hard to distinguish which is which when you use them]

There is no delete key

Delete KeyI’ve mentioned this before, but did I tell you “there is no delete key?” Deleting text is not easy without the delete key. Yes, there is a backspace key, but it takes some training to remember how to use that key. If you want to delete a character you have to move to the right of it and backspace. Deleting a word means you have to move the cursor to the right of the word and hit control + backspace. It’s just counter-intuitive.

Google buried the Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web StoreApplications are added to the Chromebook from the Chrome Web Store, but Google did not make it easy to find. The launcher, while relatively easy to find in Chrome on a PC is not so easy to find on Chromebook. The latest version of Chromium puts a little search icon in the lower left corner which represents the launcher. It’s not intuitive to select that to open the launcher and then click “All Apps” which will display all the applications installed on the Chromebook. The Web Store is located there. If you’ve installed a number of applications you’ll need to go back to the first screen where it is displayed as the first application.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love using my Chromebook. It’s a good compromise between my smartphone/tablet and laptop and gives me the portability I need for those times I’m on the move. I’m going to continue to dig into the use of this product, but I’m still confident it has its place in a business environment.


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